5 players Denver Broncos could trade in fire sale after disaster loss

Denver Broncos going into fire sale mode?

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2. Courtland Sutton, WR

There were a lot of rumors over the course of the offseason that Courtland Sutton could be traded, but the Denver Broncos ultimately passed on any offers they may have had (if they had any to begin with). I think Sutton could end up being one of the most "available" receivers at this year's trade deadline, and certainly one of the biggest names.

Sutton is going to be 28 on October 10, and I think it makes a lot of sense for the Broncos to get as much value for him as they possibly can. He has not been able to rediscover his 2019 form after tearing his ACL in 2020. Not to say he isn't back physically, because he appears to be, but Sutton has not developed into a true WR1 as he appeared to be in that 2019 season.

I think out of the current roster, Sutton with his contract going forward might be the likeliest trade candidate on the team.

3. Jerry Jeudy, WR

Jeudy was also the subject of trade rumors throughout the offseason, but the Broncos picked up his 5th-year option instead of trading him. I personally think the Broncos could still find ways to build around Jeudy, but if they are able to showcase his value in the coming weeks and still aren't winning games, he could be the most valuable piece moved at the deadline.

If nothing else, the Broncos have set themselves up with leverage to say they have Jeudy in their future plans, having picked up that 5th-year option, but that additional year could also be valuable to an aquiring team who would know that Jeudy isn't just a one-year rental.

Any teams looking for receiver help, especially those with an established WR1, could view Jeudy as a critical piece to a potential championship run.