5 Pat Surtain II trade destinations at 2023 NFL trade deadline

Could the Denver Broncos end up trading star CB Pat Surtain II?
Denver Broncos
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Bonus: Miami Dolphins

How could we forget to bring up the Miami Dolphins? In all seriousness, the Dolphins might be the team that makes the most sense for Pat Surtain II.

This is a team Surtain's father once played for. Surtain is a Miami native. Vic Fangio, the Dolphins' defensive coordinator, was in Denver when Surtain was drafted by the Broncos, and he absolutely loves him.

The Dolphins don't have Jalen Ramsey right now, who is out with injury. Xavien Howard isn't getting any younger. The Dolphins had to let go of Byron Jones this offseason due to injuries. They traded former first-round pick Noah Igbinoghene after he didn't work out for them. Surtain would be a long-term piece for the Dolphins at an area that could soon become a critical area of weakness, and could potentially cost the Dolphins in the playoffs.

Plus, the Dolphins and Broncos are already on good business terms. The Dolphins made a blockbuster deal with Denver at last year's trade deadline to acquire Bradley Chubb, so this line of communication is very much open. The Dolphins have also proven that they are willing to pay premium prices when it comes to draft capital to acquire certain players (Tyreek Hill, Bradley Chubb, Jalen Ramsey, etc.).


I think Miami would be a preferred landing spot from Surtain's perspective as well as a great potential landing spot for Denver. You never know, he might help knock the Chiefs out of the playoffs after all.

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