5 Pat Surtain II trade destinations at 2023 NFL trade deadline

Could the Denver Broncos end up trading star CB Pat Surtain II?

Denver Broncos
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4. Philadelphia Eagles

If there is a big-name player available, you can bet Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman is going to be in on it. The Philadelphia Eagles had the Kansas City Chiefs within an inch of their lives in last year's Super Bowl. Why would the Eagles not explore any potential move to get this team over the proverbial hump?

I could absolutely see Howie Roseman looking at his older group of cornerbacks with Darius Slay and James Bradberry, and viewing Pat Surtain II as a player he can have as a foundational roster piece for years to come. The Eagles have had enough first-round picks in recent years to make up for it, they have their QB in place, they have other critical pieces in place...

They can afford to make a big move like this.

5. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions, like a number of other teams on this list, recently lost a key cornerback (Emmanuel Moseley) to injury. Injuries can often spark some big-time action when it comes to trade deadline deals, and the Lions look like they are ready to capture an NFC North title for the first time in...who knows how long?

I'm not sure Detroit is quite in a position to just mortgage their future, but for the right player, I think they could make a bold move like this. Detroit has key positions figure out like their offensive line, pass rush, and receiver position. The secondary has plagued this team and I could see GM Brad Holmes viewing Surtain as a similar investment to the one the LA Rams made (when Holmes was still there) once upon a time in Jalen Ramsey.