5 offensive coordinator ideas for the Broncos and Sean Payton

Sayre Bedinger
Denver Broncos OC candidate Eric Studesville
Denver Broncos OC candidate Eric Studesville / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Sean Payton has been the head coach of the Denver Broncos since January 31st. Since he's been on the job, there has been plenty of speculation about what kind of staff he might bring in, considering the reports were that he was assembling an all-star cast behind the scenes. Here we are on Valentine's Day, though, and still wondering if Sean Payton has any "Be Mine?" invites hanging in the balance for his staff.

As he stated at the week of festivities in Arizona at Super Bowl LVII, Payton wants to be slow to hire, quick to fire. What he means by that is he wants to be deliberate about the hiring process and he's certainly been that. It's been two weeks since he's been hired as the head coach of the Broncos, and news of his staff should start trickling in rather soon.

Who will Sean Payton hire as Denver Broncos offensive coordinator?

1. Eric Studesville, Miami Dolphins

Eric Studesville is a name that should ring a bell for everyone in Broncos Country. Studesville was an assistant for the Denver Broncos initially way back on the staff of Josh McDaniels in 2010. He was named interim head coach late in that season when McDaniels was canned by the late Pat Bowlen for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that he was having someone film opponents' walkthroughs.

Also known as cheating.

Studesville took over as the interim head coach that year before John Fox ultimately came aboard in 2011. He remained on the staff through 2016, sticking around for not only the Josh McDaniels regime, but the John Fox regime and the Gary Kubiak regime.

If you go all the way back to 2001, Studesville has a history with Sean Payton as well. He was on the same staff with the New York Giants as Payton from 2001-2003, so those two have worked together a considerable amount. Studesville is a highly respected assistant coach and what everyone has to remember is this -- the offensive play caller will be Sean Payton.

Someone like Studesville could come in and really help with the team's running game concepts and serve as an associate head coach with a hand over the whole offense. A reunion in Denver could make some sense for Studesville this offseason.