5 next Broncos players who could be cut or traded after Russell Wilson

Which Broncos players could be cut or traded next after the Russell Wilson move?

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4. Justin Simmons, S

I'm not ever going to advocate for the Broncos cutting Justin Simmons, but there's no doubt that his contract is going to have to be addressed this offseason. Simmons is currently accounting for $18.25 million on the Broncos' salary cap. He has no guaranteed money remaining on his deal. There are more than $14 million in savings available if Simmons is cut or traded.

The Broncos will need to approach Simmons about an extension, at the very least. Having him count over $18 million against the salary cap with the albatross of Russell Wilson's deal is not a realistic figure moving forward.

5. Garett Bolles, OT

Garett Bolles has a $20 million cap number in 2024 with $16 million available in potential savings if he's cut or traded.

Like Justin Simmons, I seriously doubt that there's a chance the Broncos would cut Bolles, but if the price is right, they might be willing to trade him and see what happens in free agency and the draft at tackle. Also like Simmons, Bolles is an extension candidate, but it's important to keep in mind that he's going to be 32 this year.


Bolles also has no guaranteed money left on his deal, and there have been rumblings that he's been unwilling to make adjustments to his contract in the past, likely holding out for some new guaranteed money on what will likely be his final big-money NFL deal.

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