5 moves the Broncos can make to free up $50 million in cap space

The idea that the Denver Broncos won't have cap space in 2024 is simply untrue.

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4. Restructure RT Mike McGlinchey: $10,406,250

These first four moves the Broncos can take are all outright cap savings with no dead money incurred. This would be an ideal scenario for the team. The fourth move they can make to free up another $10 million in cap space is to restructure the contract if RT Mike McGlinchey, who was up and down in 2023.

He's a fine tackle, perhaps slightly above average at best. He's a great run blocker but doesn't bring much at all in terms of pass blocking. McGlinchey will likely always be in line to start for a team for as long as his career doesn't decline, but the contract he signed with the Denver Broncos last offseason was clearly too rich for his production.

The team though can utilize his contract to free up a good bit of cap space, so this seems like a no-brainer move to me.

5. Cut DT DJ Jones: $9,970,000

The only move of the five in this article that forces the Broncos to take on some dead cap is an outright release of DJ Jones, one of many free agency "bust" signings by General Manager George Paton. I am truly not sure what the Broncos are paying DJ Jones to do. He's not a pass-rush threat and was signed to help stop the run.

Not only was the Broncos pass-rush horribly inconsistent in 2023, but their run defense was among the worst in the NFL. With cap savings approaching $10 million, the Broncos should look to cut DJ Jones, an average-at-best defensive tackle who is getting paid about double what he is worth.

All in all, if you add up the cap savings from these moves, you'd get $54,575,250.


If we take this amount and add it to the Denver Broncos current cap space, which is a NEGATIVE $16,811,078, we'd get $37,764,172 in positive cap space for the Denver Broncos in 2024.

The Broncos can make these five realistic moves and give themselves substantial cap space to make some smart moves in free agency.

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