5 moves the Broncos can make to free up $50 million in cap space

The idea that the Denver Broncos won't have cap space in 2024 is simply untrue.

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2. Extend WR Courtland Sutton: $9,580,000

The Denver Broncos can free up nearly $10 million more with an extension of Courtland Sutton, who caught 10 TD passes in 2023 and quickly became one of the best red-zone threats in the entire NFL. Sutton will turn 29 during the 2024 NFL Season, so I guess you can begin to worry about his age.

However, Sutton had, arguably, the best year of his career in 2023 and did earn a contract extension. He is currently under contract through the 2025 NFL Season, so the urgency to potentially extend Sutton might be much less than the urgency to extend Bolles. However, if the Broncos want to free up cap space without incurring any dead money, extensions are the way to go.

3. Trade WR Jerry Jeudy: $12,987,000

Because Jerry Jeudy will be playing on his fifth-year option in 2023 if his contract is left alone, trading him will be more outright savings for the Broncos. The team could save nearly $13 million more if they trade the controversial WR this offseason. The weird thing with Jeudy is that there still seem to be some staunch Jeudy believers in Broncos Country who seem to think that circumstances out of his control are why he hasn't truly broken out yet.

The truth however might just be that Jeudy isn't as good as some think he is. Right now, he's a quality WR2 in the NFL, and I think that is who he'll always be. The NFL is a pass-first, offense-first league, and someone with Jeudy's skillset will always be in demand. That salary of nearly $13 million in 2024 isn't really a ton of money, so I don't think the Broncos would have any issue finding a suitor for Jeudy.

And the best path forward for both sides might just be a fresh start.