5 moves to make the Denver Broncos Super Bowl LVIII favorites

The Denver Broncos could be dubbed Super Bowl favorites if they made just a couple of moves that are still out there in free agency or via trade.

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5. Sign free agent pass rusher Justin Houston

Overkill? Maybe.

When it comes to pass rushers, though, can you ever really have too many? I don't think so. The Denver Broncos undoubtedly struggled last year in the pass rush department when it comes to racking up actual sacks. They ranked tied for 23rd in the NFL at 2.1 sacks per game last season, and ended the year with just one sack in the final three games.

Absolutely dreadful.

Of course, the team has taken some measures to try and get their groove back in this regard, bringing in veteran pass rusher Frank Clark to upgrade the pass rush unit. The team also has to feel like rookie Drew Sanders can immediately contribute as a "pressure player". Sure, there are options on the roster, but Justin Houston is an ageless wonder off the edge with the ability to produce at a high level.

Last season, he had 9.5 sacks, 17 QB hits, and 25 pressures. At the age of 33. Even if the only move the Denver Broncos made between now and training camp was adding someone like Justin Houston into the fold, I think it would absolutely be huge for this team's chances at a championship. Get as many closers as you possibly can.

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