5 moves to make the Denver Broncos Super Bowl LVIII favorites

The Denver Broncos could be dubbed Super Bowl favorites if they made just a couple of moves that are still out there in free agency or via trade.
Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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2. Trade for Washington Commanders DE Chase Young

The Washington Commanders appear to be poised to potentially move on from defensive end Chase Young if the right deal comes along. The Commanders recently made the tough decision to decline Young's fifth-year option, putting the former Ohio State superstar in a contract year in 2023.

Because of that, and because of his injury history, you might be able to get this player for pennies on the dollar at this point. The Denver Broncos may be uniquely qualified to present Chase Young with one of the best possible situations to earn a big-money contract in the 2024 offseason, not only because they have an on-field opportunity he could take advantage of but because they currently have the wealthiest owners in the entire league.

The Ohio State program has been pretty good for the Denver Broncos in recent years, but getting Chase Young when he came out in 2020 was never a realistic proposition. Young was such a good player at Ohio State that there was some debate about whether or not teams should pass on the likes of Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert to take him.

And the Commanders did do that.

At the time, the late Dwayne Haskins was just entering his second year, but the Commanders did choose Young over both Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert at the time.

Now, they might be trading him if the right offer comes along...

The Commanders certainly aren't going to put it out there that they are interested in trading Young, but their actions (declining his 5th-year option) speak louder than any words they say.