5 moves Broncos will make next after trading Jerry Jeudy

What moves could be coming next after the Broncos traded Jerry Jeudy to the Cleveland Browns?

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2. A quarterback move could be coming

Big or small, it really feels like there could be a quarterback move coming for the Denver Broncos. Clearing as much cap space as the Broncos have (now equipped with $31 million in cap space), it wouldn't be surprising at all to see the Broncos dip their toes in the quarterback market in free agency.

What quarterbacks are realistically available to the Broncos?

Well, with $31 million in available cap space, they actually have the flexibility to make a big, bold move at the quarterback position. They could realistically go after Kirk Cousins or Baker Mayfield, who both appear likely to reach free agency as of Monday when the legal negotiating period opens.

There have been some rumblings that we shouldn't put it past Sean Payton to go after someone like Cousins. We heard Sean Payton name Baker Mayfield specifically at Super Bowl media week when talking about quarterbacks out there who just need the right fit and situation to excel.

Payton has historically had his most success with retread or reclamation projects at the quarterback position. It wouldn't be shocking at all if the Broncos were clearing all this space to pave the way for a veteran quarterback in some capacity.

And even if the Broncos don't go after the two biggest fish (Cousins, Mayfield), it wouldn't be surprising to see them land another quarterback in the next couple of days who could end up starting for the team in 2024.