5 most intriguing games on the Denver Broncos' 2023 schedule

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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#1 Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs, Week 6

Two of the most intriguing games for the Denver Broncos this season just so happen to fall on consecutive weeks. The Broncos will host the Jets and Aaron Rodgers in Week 5, and then will head to Arrowhead Stadium to face Patrick Mahomes and the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6.

One major upside for the Denver Broncos is that this season, they managed to avoid going to Arrowhead on the road in December, a notoriously difficult time of year to win against a difficult opponent. However, Broncos fans know just how hard it is to win against the Kansas City Chiefs. It is not likely anyone needs a reminder, but the Broncos have not beaten the Chiefs since before Super Bowl 50, their last victory coming on September 17, 2015.

For anyone wondering, that was 2,794 days ago.

While it felt like last year could finally be the year the Broncos took down the Chiefs, it was not to be. However, it gave fans some faith that the team is getting closer to competing with Kansas City, who has controlled the division since the Broncos' Super Bowl victory, losing both games by respective margins of six and three points.

One major way the Denver Broncos could flip the script in 2023 is to take advantage of a golden opportunity presented to them. In Week 6, the Broncos will play the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football in Arrowhead.

It is no secret that the national media has disrespected both Russell Wilson and the Broncos and that there is not a lot of belief that bringing in Sean Payton will be enough to put the Broncos back on the map.

What better statement is there than going into enemy territory on Thursday Night Football and upsetting them?

Keep your eye on this game, as it has the opportunity to be the statement game the team so desperately needs, to announce to the world that the Denver Broncos are back.

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