5 most important players on the Denver Broncos roster in 2023

Is there a surprising candidate on this list who sticks out as one of the most important players on the roster?

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4. Garett Bolles, LT

Outside of Tua Tagovalioa, who is the only left-handed starting QB in the NFL, every other QB has to have solid protection from their blindside. For the Denver Broncos, that is no different with Garett Bolles, who thankfully turned into a solid left tackle after beginning his career as one of the worst in the league.

In 2023, Bolles is back and healthy after missing most of the 2022 season with a broken lower leg. Not only that, but I think the offensive line that Denver will feature in 2023 will be the strongest they've had in years. Outside of center, the Broncos are solid at the four other spots, which is plenty in the NFL.

Many NFL teams have multiple questions along their OL. It's up to Bolles to pick up where he left off in the 2021 and initial part of the 2022 season. If for some reason he's regressed a bit with him slowly aging and the leg injury still bugging him, Denver and the offense could be in trouble.

I do think Garett Bolles returns to his normal self. The injury seemed to be a clean break and a pretty clear-cut recovery timeline. But being that he plays left tackle and is a huge part of helping this offense get back on track, he needs to be competent. He's going to get called for penalties and will likely give up sacks; that's just how the NFL works.

I am very eager to see this offensive line on the field playing in an offensive scheme that is hopefully putting points on the board.