5 most important players on the Denver Broncos roster in 2023

Is there a surprising candidate on this list who sticks out as one of the most important players on the roster?
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The Denver Broncos are looking to get back into their old, winning ways in the 2023 NFL season, but they won't achieve that without the help of their most important players. If the Broncos end up making the playoffs in 2023, which is most definitely possible, players at their most important positions will be playing quite well.

In the NFL, it's an objective fact that certain positions need to be solidified if a team wants to win games. Teams don't need an elite tight end to win a Super Bowl, but they surely do need strong QB play, for example. Fortunately, I do think the Broncos have enough talent at these positions to do some damage.

With strong coaching and solid injury luck, we could be talking about the Denver Broncos playing football in January. Let's dive into the five most important players on the roster for the 2023 NFL season.

Who are the five most important players on the Denver Broncos' roster heading into 2023?
5. Whoever is the team's best pass rusher

The Denver Broncos need to get to the QB better than they have in prior seasons. Really, ever since the exceptional 2018 season where Von Miller and Bradley Chubb led the way, the team hasn't exactly gotten to the QB consistently. What makes this situation even more frustrating is that Von Miller was a free agent last year, and the Broncos had a need for a pass rusher.

Instead of bringing back Miller, they signed Randy Gregory, which has turned into a huge mistake. Honestly, we really should not care who the best pass rusher is on the team. If it's Zach Allen, that's great. If Nik Bonitto wants to be that guy in 2023, great. The point is, no matter who leads the team in the pass-rushing department, it's crucial that Denver does have someone they can lean on in 2023.