5 most important moves the Broncos made in the 2024 NFL Draft

These moves could have playoff implications
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5. Getting Audric Estimé in the 5th round

According to Pro Football Reference, the Broncos had 17 total broken tackles among their top three running backs last season. 11 of those came from Javonte Williams, who was also one of the worst running backs in the league last year at creating yards after contact. He ranked 30th in the league at 1.7 YAC per attempt, down from 2.3 YAC per attempt his rookie year.

That 2.3 YAC per attempt would have ranked 5th in the NFL this past year.

Without Javonte Williams breaking tackles, the Broncos just didn't have that element of yards after contact in the rushing game. The offensive line ranked 3rd in the league in run block win rate so the inability of the running backs last season was an underrated storyline.

You don't want to put too much pressure on a 5th-round pick, but Audric Estimé -- you're our only hope.

All kidding aside, Estimé could be a gift from the football gods to the Denver Broncos. The former Notre Dame star was an All-American who racked up 18 rushing touchdowns last year and is one of the best running backs in this draft class in terms of contact balance and creating yards after contact.

He's got an NFL-ready frame, he's explosive, he's physical, and he had almost 900 yards after contact just last season at Notre Dame. As a 5th-round pick, Estimé is going to be able to come in and provide instant value to a running game that desperately needs it.