5 most important moves the Broncos made in the 2024 NFL Draft

These moves could have playoff implications
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3. Trading up for WR Troy Franklin

Adding Troy Franklin in the 4th round of the draft was much more than just a feel-good story for the Denver Broncos. Of course, it's cool that the team was able to reunite Bo Nix with his top target the last two seasons at Oregon. It's always fun to see college teammates become teammates in the NFL, especially when you're talking about quarterback and receiver.

But more than just the feel-good story, the Broncos got a much-needed playmaker for their rookie quarterback. The familiarity is a huge bonus, but clearly head coach Sean Payton felt like Franklin could come in and be an impact player right away.

The Broncos -- and just about everyone else -- felt like Franklin would be gone in the second round. The fact that they were able to trade up to the top of the fourth round and get him is one of the best value picks in the entire 2024 draft.

Franklin adds big-time speed and playmaking ability to the offense, and he already has great on and off-field chemistry with Bo Nix.

There was a lot of depth at receiver in this year's draft, but to get Franklin on Day 3 was insanity.