5 most important moves the Broncos made in the 2024 NFL Draft

These moves could have playoff implications
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2. The John Franklin-Myers trade

One area that was an absolute non-negotiable for the Denver Broncos was getting better on the defensive line. The Broncos were 32nd in the NFL last year in rushing yards allowed and yards per carry allowed.

They went out and landed Malcolm Roach early on in free agency, one of the top run defending defensive tackles in football last season. A little before the 2024 draft, they also added veteran Angelo Blackson on the defensive line. But the biggest move this team made this offseason to upgrade the defensive line was during the 2024 NFL Draft when they traded for Jets defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers.

Franklin-Myers is only 27 years old and has been one of the most productive interior defensive linemen in the league over the last handful of years. He instantly upgrades the Broncos' toughness up front defensively and all it cost the Broncos was a 2026 6th-round pick.

It's just really hard to believe they were able to work this deal out, especially getting Franklin-Myers on a new two-year deal worth $15 million. It feels like Franklin-Myers was that missing piece for a defensive line that already added Roach and Blackson this offseason, and both Zach Allen and DJ Allen the previous two offseasons.

If you can raise the floor of the defensive line, you can raise the floor of this team for 2024 and beyond.