5 mistakes the Denver Broncos should avoid in 2024

The Denver Broncos need to ace this offseason.

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5. The Denver Broncos have to avoid not drafting a rookie QB in 2024

The Denver Broncos need to get the QB spot right for the long-term. For years, this franchise has tried and failed the "veteran retread" method with countless passers, and I don't even want to list them off, since we all have endured the QB pain. In 2024, the Denver Broncos HAVE to come away with a rookie passer.

Sean Payton is a strong offensive mind who has gotten notable production out of backup QBs for years. He helped turn Russell Wilson back into a competent passer this year, and frankly, Jarrett Stidham looked fine in his two starts in Payton's offense. I don't think the Broncos can continue to do the veteran retread method.

That does not mean they won't start one in 2024, but they have to bring a rookie QB in. Someone like Oregon's Bo Nix might be a realistic target for the Broncos. They could draft Bo Nix and target someone like Jimmy Garoppolo as the veteran stopgap option. This would give the Broncos a competitive QB in Garoppolo to take the reigns over until Nix eventually gets his shot in the starting lineup.


The Broncos could also target someone in the mid rounds if that's the route they want to go. My point here is that under every single circumstance, the Broncos need to add a rookie QB in 2024. It'd be a huge mistake if they did not.

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