5 mistakes the Denver Broncos should avoid in 2024

The Denver Broncos need to ace this offseason.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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3. The Broncos have to avoid not trading Patrick Surtain II if offered a fair deal

Patrick Surtain II is the best CB in football, no doubt. He's likely going to earn another All-Pro award, giving him two Pro Bowls and two All-Pro's through his first three seasons. He's also going to be eligible for a massive contract extension this offseason. However, I think it's clear that an elite, shutdown cornerback only has so much of an impact on a defense.

The Broncos defense was truly bad this year. Their pass defense was below average and their rush defense was among the worst in football. They also did not get to the QB with much consistency. Frankly, the Broncos would have been in better shape on defense this year with two average starting CBs and an elite pass rusher.

If a team comes calling about PS2, and it's a fair offer, the Broncos should not hesitate to make the deal. Denver needs quite a bit of help on defense, and the opportunity to get multiple first-round picks for Surtain would greatly restock the Broncos draft pick cupboard. Getting some help along the defensive front is going to be a more valuable piece to the defense than having Patrick Surtain II.

Also, they won't have to hand over a rich contract extension, and with their cap situation in 2024, that might also be a benefit of trading PS2.