5 late-round QBs the Denver Broncos could target in the 2023 NFL Draft

Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl - Pittsburgh v UCLA
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2. Max Duggan, TCU

Pick range: Round 6 - undrafted

Although some Denver Broncos fans are going a little crazy over Max Duggan's 40-time and comparing him to Taysom Hill, I think a much more apt comparison is Colt McCoy, at least in looking at what the ceiling could be for someone like Duggan. That's not to say his 40-time isn't impressive, but when we're talking about Taysom Hill, we're kind of talking about a Tebow-like physical specimen.

Duggan has pretty average measurables overall but obviously showed some giddy-up in his 40-yard dash. That speed came into play plenty at TCU where he ran for almost 2,000 yards and 28 touchdowns. I could see the Broncos having some interest in Duggan if he lasts past the NFL Draft. There's a slight connection here with Sean Payton's son Connor, who is a TCU student.

Duggan is an ultimate competitor, which doesn't necessarily always translate to being a good NFL quarterback, but those types of guys can profile as long-term quality backups.

3. Stetson Bennett, Georgia

Pick range: Round 6 - undrafted

Speaking of "competitors", let's take a look at Stetson Bennett, who really doesn't look like an NFL player coming off the bus whatsoever. At just under 6-feet tall, 192 pounds, Bennett has physical metrics that would cause evaluators to cringe 10 years ago at the position. In today's NFL? He might still be able to carve out a consistent career as a quality backup and spot starter.

That's not out of the realm of possibility. Bennett was part of a lot of wins at Georgia the past couple of seasons, and actually took some significant steps forward in his own game over that timeframe. In terms of operating an offense, navigating out of the pocket and making plays with his legs when he needs to do so.

I actually like Bennett's NFL projection a bit as a spot starter and backup, but not necessarily as a gadget player or eventual starter.