5 Jerry Jeudy trade destinations at 2023 NFL trade deadline

Where could the Denver Broncos potentially trade WR Jerry Jeudy in 2023?

Denver Broncos
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2. Dallas Cowboys

To me, the Dallas Cowboys are one of the most obvious teams in the NFL right now that needs to get aggressive. Specifically, they need to fix what they messed up when they decided to trade away Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns for peanuts. The Cowboys haven't recovered from that trade, and they don't have any secondary weapons in the passing game to really even just get by at this point.

None of Michael Gallup, Brandin Cooks, or young Jalen Tolbert are working out for them. The Cowboys let tight end Dalton Schultz walk in free agency. They just desperately need help alongside CeeDee Lamb at the wide receiver position and Jerry Jeudy would be a massive upgrade for them.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

When it comes to NFL GMs, I think Eagles GM Howie Roseman is my spirit animal. He is so aggressive, so calculated, and he truly considers every possible deal. I love that Roseman operates quietly, but you can safely assume that if a good player is available, the Eagles are going to be in on it.

So why would Jerry Jeudy be any different?

Yes, the Eagles have AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith. Yes, they have Dallas Goedert. But they probably figure, why would we not add Jerry Jeudy for a couple of mid-round picks? We'll find a way to get them back anyway. Or, our roster is good enough to sustain that kind of draft capital loss.

The Eagles are in a position to take risks like this in trades because they have built something special. And adding Jerry Jeudy to their offense would be lethal.