5 injured Broncos players who could play major roles in 2024

Which injured Denver Broncos could make a big impact in 2024?

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5. Jalen Virgil, WR

One of the most underrated players on injured reserve right now for the Denver Broncos is former undrafted star Jalen Virgil. Virgil and his big-time combination of speed and explosiveness made the final 53-man roster last year for the Broncos, and he was on pace to do the same in 2023 before going down with an injury in the preseason.

Virgil is an explosive vertical threat, he's outstanding with the ball in his hands in space, and he can contribute in the return game as needed.

Although the Broncos have perhaps one of the best overall return men in the NFL in Marvin Mims, will they want Mims in those roles again in 2024 if his role offensively is supposed to expand? That's where a player like Jalen Virgil could potentially come into play.

One area where Virgil had seemingly made some great strides as well was in the blocking department. There were some noticeable improvements there in his game when you watched him in the preseason. I think we could see the Broncos get him more involved as he comes back healthy in 2024 as well.


Overall, this Broncos team (thankfully) doesn't really have a ton of major injuries. However, as you can see, there are a number of players currently unavailable who could really be helping the team in 2024.

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