5 injured Broncos players who could play major roles in 2024

Which injured Denver Broncos could make a big impact in 2024?

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2. Tim Patrick, WR

Everyone in Broncos Country misses Tim Patrick, but if you look closely on the sidelines, you'll see him in just about every single game. Tim Patrick is one of the most invested players on the sideline every game, rooting for his teammates and being as involved as he possibly can be.

He's been doing some work on the side field at practice lately (per Cody Roark), and while he's not eligible to come back during the 2023 season or playoffs (if the Broncos make it), I do think we'll see him back with the Denver Broncos next year.

As of right now, Tim Patrick is set to count over $16 million against next year's salary cap for the Broncos, and the team is simply not going to have him on the books at that amount. But I do think we're going to see a situation where Patrick is willing to re-do his deal with the Broncos and come back at a more reasonable rate.

The Broncos obviously love Tim Patrick, and I think he loves them back. He was slated to be a big part of the offense once again in 2023 before his injury in training camp, and even though he'll be 31 next season, I still think we're going to see a productive player.

The Broncos may not be able to count on him as much as they did when they signed him to his three-year contract extension, but as a veteran role player, I think he'll be an asset. Hopefully we get the chance to see a healthy Tim Patrick out there making big plays once again for the Denver Broncos offense.