5 high-upside reclamation QBs Broncos, Sean Payton should target in 2024

Could the Broncos look to a reclamation project at QB?

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4. Trey Lance (trade target, Cowboys)

I don't think Sean Payton, who predicted early last year that Lance would be benched by the 49ers, would be interested in acquiring Trey Lance as his QB1, but somebody has to eventually start to utilize this guy's talent.

I think the Broncos should absolutely look into acquiring Lance not only for his intriguing arm talent but for his athletic ability and ability to run the football. Lance was one of the most instinctive open-field runners of anyone I watched in the 2021 NFL Draft class, running backs included.

This guy is wasting away as an "emergency quarterback" when he could be utilized as a weapon offensively in the meantime. Given how much success Sean Payton had with Taysom Hill in New Orleans, I can't help but think he could have even more success with someone like Trey Lance, who has elite speed and playmaking ability at the position.

The Cowboys acquired Lance last year at roster cuts for the price of a 4th-round pick, and I'm not sure his value has really gone up at all. If you could get him for a bargain price, this is a player that might be worth getting into your program and developing as a quarterback while also creating a role for him within the offense where he could actually play some football in 2024.