5 high-upside reclamation QBs Broncos, Sean Payton should target in 2024

Could the Broncos look to a reclamation project at QB?

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3. Justin Fields (trade target, Bears)

Contrasted with the way he talked about Mac Jones coming out of Alabama, we have Sean Payton's thoughts on what he remembers evaluating Justin Fields in the same 2021 NFL Draft class. There's nothing negative in that video from Payton regarding Fields, but there was so much more specificity with the way he talked about Mac Jones.

Which means there was probably more Payton liked about Mac Jones coming out in that 2021 draft class.

Nevertheless, there's now a pro scouting element to the evaluation of Justin Fields that didn't exist when Payton last considered adding him to his roster. Fields has developed over the course of the last three years with the Chicago Bears and the Bears are now in a position to take a new quarterback with the #1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

If they choose to move on from Fields, he becomes a fascinating player on the market, but is he a fit for the Denver Broncos?

Based on what was missing from Payton's offense in 2024, I'm not so sure. Fields is an outstanding talent with his ability to run the football and a live arm to make big-time throws to every level of the field, but is it possible the Broncos would struggle with the same issues with Justin Fields that they did with Russell Wilson this past year?

Fields has completed just 60.3 percent of his throws over his first three NFL seasons, and if timing and rhythm are integral to the offense, then perhaps Fields and his dynamic playmaking ability aren't the right fit. But the talent is enticing.