5 greatest Broncos one-hit wonder seasons in franchise history

Tim Tebow isn't the only great one-hit wonder in Denver Broncos franchise history. What other players put together remarkable individual seasons?

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1. Brandon Lloyd, WR (2010)

In the introduction, I talked about the idea that if you extrapolated some of these guys' best seasons over an entire career, you might have a Hall of Famer on your hands. The player I'm specifically referring to there is Brandon Lloyd, who I think is the best one-year wonder in Denver Broncos' history.

Yes, the team had more success in Tim Tebow's one-year wonder season, but I truly think that if you would have given Brandon Lloyd seven or eight years of this kind of consistent production, you would have had a legitimate case for the Hall of Fame. His 2010 season was unlike anything I've seen from a Broncos receiver, and not just because the Broncos were bad and he was racking up stats in garbage time. It was truly an impressive display of body control, catch radius, winning at the catch point, yards after the catch, and overall playmaking.

In the 2010 season, Brandon Lloyd posted the following stat line:

- 77 receptions
- 1,448 yards receiving
- 11 touchdowns
- 18.8 yards per reception

When you look across the span of NFL history, only four other players have had at least 75 receptions and maintained an average of 18.8 yards per reception or better. Brandon Lloyd's 2010 season could easily be considered a top-5 season for a receiver in league history with that in mind, and it's certainly one of the most efficient when you consinder his yards per catch average.


Now, imagine if he could have been on the roster when Peyton Manning came around in 2012...Lloyd had another couple of solid seasons after the 2010 campaign, but they didn't come in Denver. The Broncos traded him to the Rams in 2011 and he finished out his NFL career with the Patriots and 49ers from 2012-14.

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