5 greatest Broncos one-hit wonder seasons in franchise history

Tim Tebow isn't the only great one-hit wonder in Denver Broncos franchise history. What other players put together remarkable individual seasons?
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4. Javon Walker, WR (2006)

The Denver Broncos were in the market for some wide receiver help in the 2006 offseason, and Mike Shanahan made a couple of really bold moves to get that help.

Former first-round pick Ashley Lelie hadn't emerged into the WR1 or even WR2 the Denver Broncos had hoped for within his first four years with the team. By the time the 2006 offseason rolled around, the Broncos needed to balance an offense that really excelled on the ground but was only average through the air.

During the 2006 NFL Draft, Mike Shanahan and GM Ted Sundquist pulled off a trade for one of Lelie's former 2002 classmates and a fellow first-round pick in that draft -- former Green Bay Packers first-round pick Javon Walker. Walker had emerged for the Packers in his third season with 89 receptions for 1,382 yards and 12 touchdown catches, but unfortunately missed all but one game of the 2005 season due to injury.

Shanahan took a chance on Walker, trading the Packers a 2nd-round pick to get him, and he promptly provided the offense with a dynamic weapon, earning some votes for NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2006. He racked up over 1,200 yards from scrimmage with nine touchdowns and 15.5 yards per touch.

Unfortunately, his success with the Denver Broncos was extremely short-lived. After his 2006 season in Denver, Walker only played 19 more games in the NFL, eight in Denver and 11 in Oakland for the Raiders. Although Walker upgraded the Broncos' receiver room in 2006 on paper, that unit didn't take the step forward many had hoped based on the moves that were made. Part of that had to do with the team transitioning from Jake Plummer to Jay Cutler in the second half of the season at quarterback.

But on the whole, Javon Walker's 2006 season is one of the best one-hit wonder seasons in Denver Broncos history.