5 former Broncos struggling badly on different teams in 2023

Which former Broncos are really struggling on different teams in 2023?

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4. Albert Okwuegbunam, TE

Although he played incredibly well in the final preseason game, Albert Okwuegbunam hasn't been able to translate that into any success with his new team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

There are rumors that the Eagles want to add veteran Zach Ertz to their roster and part of the reason they might be interested in doing that is because Okwuegbunam hasn't been able to carve out any sort of role for himself. He's been mostly inactive this season, but appearing in four games, he has just one target and no receptions.

Unfortunately, there hasn't been any of this going on for Okwuegbunam with the Eagles:

Ironically, the Denver Broncos could really use Okweugbunam right now. Greg Dulcich has missed most of the season due to hamstring issues, and the Broncos haven't really been able to find any sort of real replacement for him.

The team likes Lucas Krull, but Krull's involvement has been limited since he's still on the practice squad.

Of course, Okwuegbunam got caught up in the numbers game when roster cuts had to be made, but this was a tough loss for the Broncos even though they did end up getting something in return. And as it turns out, even playing on one of the best teams in the NFL hasn't resulted in any production for Okwuegbunam.