5 former Broncos struggling badly on different teams in 2023

Which former Broncos are really struggling on different teams in 2023?

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2. Von Miller, EDGE, Bills

This one is really unfortunate to write because everyone in Broncos Country absolutely adores Von Miller, and we know that Miller always has love in his heart for the Denver Broncos. Even as a member of the Los Angeles Rams and now Buffalo Bills, Miller bleeds orange and blue.

But this has been a really bad year for the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

And that extends to things going on off the field as well...

Off the field, there are obviously concerns right now for Von Miller that still feel unsettled. On the field, it's been a trying year to say the least. Miller has played in eight games for the Bills and has just one QB hit and no sacks. He's been a non-factor in most of Buffalo's games this year, but he's only in year two of a six-year, $120 million pact made last offseason.

Although most NFL contracts include a lot of funny money to fit things under the salary cap, the Bills definitely made a hefty investment in Von Miller that has ultimately ended in disappointment. Now there are off-field issues to go on top of Miller ending last year on injured reserve and not playing well at all in 2023?

You can't help but wonder how much longer Von will be in the league at this point. He's 34 going on 35 next offseason and has accomplished more than most.