5 former Broncos shockingly still available ahead of training camp

These former Broncos players are still free agents...
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2. Kareem Jackson, safety

While Justin Simmons' availability at this stage is undeniably weird, the availability of fellow former starting safety Kareem Jackson is a little more understandable.

The Broncos signed Kareem Jackson back in the 2019 offseason, the first year of Vic Fangio's time as the team's head coach, and he made the seamless transition to the safety position in Denver after playing outside corner and nickel corner with the Houston Texans. Jackson became a productive player at the safety position for the Broncos where his physicality was put on display, but that physicality has been a double-edged sword as far as the NFL is concerned.

Jackson's physicality led to discipline from the league on a variety of occasions, including fines and suspensions, and the Broncos ultimately let him go late last season. Jackson resurfaced with the Texans last year and had hoped to play 15 seasons in the NFL. If signed, this would be his 15th NFL season in 2024.

3. Cam Fleming, offensive tackle

Good offensive line help in the NFL is hard to come by, so it's a little surprising that former Broncos swing tackle Cam Fleming is still available with training camp looming.

Fleming started at both tackle positions for the Denver Broncos and actually played quite well in the opportunities he was given. He originally signed in Denver after the whole Ja'Wuan James fiasco. Good times, eh?

Fleming is going to be 32 years old at the start of the 2024 NFL season, but he undoubtedly will provide some value to a team. Especially with the veteran practice squad allowances, it would seem wise for a team to get Fleming in the building to get up to speed on the offense quickly so he can provide necessary depth this season.