5 former Broncos quarterbacks competing for jobs elsewhere in 2024

Which former Broncos QBs are competing for jobs elsewhere around the league in 2024?
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2. Drew Lock: Competing for Giants starting QB job

Former Denver Broncos second-round pick Drew Lock is competing with the New York Giants this offseason, and he's got a decent chance out there to potentially unseat his 2019 NFL Draft classmate, Daniel Jones.

Jones has been horrendous for the Giants for the most part, and if anyone has been as prone to turnovers at the quarterback position as Drew Lock, it's been Daniel Jones. In 60 career games, Jones has thrown 40 interceptions and fumbled 46 times. He's taken 179 sacks over that timeframe as well. Lock has played in 28 career games and has 23 interceptions, 13 fumbles, and has taken 39 sacks.

Giants head coach Brian Daboll has a lot going on this season.

3. Joe Flacco: Backing up Anthony Richardson with the Colts

Although Joe Flacco is the reigning NFL Comeback Player of the Year -- still the weirdest thing to happen in the NFL last year, and that's saying something -- he didn't get a "better" opportunity around the league than backing up Anthony Richardson.

Now, there's a chance Flacco could end up playing for Shane Steichen and the Colts with the second-year star coming off of a season-ending injury last year. The Colts got themselves a veteran who can obviously still play, but obviously can't run the exact same offense as Richardson. That shouldn't be an issue for Colts head coach Shane Steichen, who had both Richardson and Gardner Minshew set up for success last season.