5 first-rounders Broncos should consider who won't replace Russell Wilson

The Denver Broncos might not draft a QB in the first round in 2024.
University of Pittsburgh v University of Notre Dame
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2. Joe Alt, OL, Notre Dame

A top prospect along the offensive line that goes to Notre Dame is usually a good sign. Joe Alt might be the best all-around OL prospect in this entire class, and he's still just 20-years-old. It's not that the Denver Broncos urgently need a left tackle, but Garett Bolles is no the wrong side of 30, so there's that.

Alt is also 6-foot-8 and over 300 pounds, so this is an absolute mountain of a grown man.

Alt would join another 6-foot-8 tackle from Notre Dame in Mike McGlinchey, which could be fun. Honestly, I think if a prospect of Alt's caliber were to fall to the Denver Broncos, they should jump on it. The team could probably easily trade Garett Bolles and save a bit of money along the offensive line. My personal opinion is not going with a left tackle in round one, but perhaps later in the draft.