5 dream scenarios for Denver Broncos in 2023 season

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos dream no. 5: Winning the Super Bowl

Well, is it time to dust off some of these hopes and dreams? If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time. I don't mind having "realistic" expectations by any means, but I also like to be as optimistic as possible. If the Broncos are going to be good enough to get to the playoffs in 2023, why not go on a four-game run and win the whole dang thing?

Winning the Super Bowl is every team's top dream every single year. There's no doubt about it. But can the Broncos actually do it?

Well, they are one of the rare NFL teams that has a coach and quarterback who have done it before. Russell Wilson has a ring. Sean Payton has a ring. Those guys have played in tons of big games, and they have reached the pinnacle. Can they do it together in Denver?

Winning the Super Bowl this year for Denver would be unprecedented. It would be an NFL first. No NFL head coach has ever won the Super Bowl with two different teams. If anyone can do it, wouldn't it be Sean Payton? Payton and the Saints remained relevant through really three different eras of football. He's now trying to turn around what has become a losing culture in Denver. Can he not only do that, but bring the team to the Super Bowl?

Again, it's a dream.

But is it unrealistic? It requires plenty of good luck to win the Super Bowl in the NFL. You have to stay mostly healthy. You have to have the ball bounce your way in some close games throughout the year. But I do think anything is possible.

One thing is certain: If all five of these things happen, Denver Broncos fans might never see anything better in their lifetime.

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