5 dream scenarios for Denver Broncos in 2023 season

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos dream scenario no. 3: Sean Payton wins Coach of the Year

Ah, to have competence in the coach's chair again.

In the majority of the team's most recent head coaching hires, the Denver Broncos have actually picked my personal favorite candidates for the job. In 2009, I wanted Josh McDaniels. In 2011, I wanted John Fox. In 2015, I was united with almost 100 percent of Broncos Country in wanting Gary Kubiak. In 2017, I definitely wanted Kyle Shanahan, and the Broncos definitely screwed that one up. In 2019, I wanted Vic Fangio. In 2022, I wanted Nathaniel Hackett.

Shows how much I know, but at least if I were in charge of the Broncos, Kyle Shanahan might be the team's head coach at this point.

In 2023, I wanted the team to hire either Jim Harbaugh or Sean Payton. Having an established, proven head coach in the building was a necessity for the Broncos in 2023 and I think the Denver Broncos hit a home run if they were swinging for the fences on this pick.

Did it cost high draft picks to trade for Sean Payton? Yes. Did it cost a lot of really brutal years to get to this point? Absolutely. Will it all be worth it? That remains to be seen, but I feel confident. I think a dream scenario for the Broncos in Sean Payton's first year with the team is obviously for Payton to win NFL Coach of the Year. Payton is already established as one of the top coaches in the league and we have seen what legitimate coaching can do for struggling teams.

Just look at last year's Giants, Jaguars, Vikings, and plenty of other teams who simply needed the right coach in place to start winning some games.

If Sean Payton wins coach of the year, it will be a dream scenario for Denver Broncos fans.