5 dream scenarios for Denver Broncos in 2023 season

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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Denver Broncos dream no. 2: Sweep the division

The Denver Broncos have been on major cold streaks against a couple of teams in their own division over the last handful of years. And by handful, I mean eight. The Broncos haven't beaten the Kansas City Chiefs since 2015 (Week 2). They haven't beaten the Raiders on the road since 2015 and they haven't beaten the Raiders -- at all -- since 2019. Can you even believe that?

The best the Broncos have done in the AFC West the last three seasons is splitting with the Los Angeles Chargers. This is a low point for the franchise. During Peyton Manning's time with the team, the Broncos were the dominant team in the AFC West. Even before Peyton Manning, you could always expect good games between the Broncos and their division rivals.

Not that every game has been a blowout since 2015, but the Broncos have a 16-32 record against the AFC West since 2015. That obviously includes four division victories in Peyton Manning's final year with the team, so how about we look at since 2016?

Since 2016, the Broncos' record against the rest of the AFC West is 12-30. They are averaging four losses per year (and change) against their division opponents.

I don't think any further evidence is needed -- a sweep of the AFC West in 2023 would be an absolute dream for the Denver Broncos.