5 drastic changes the Denver Broncos could make defensively

- Change at CB?

- Rotating in some new pass rushers?

- Major changes to be made for Denver Broncos D

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4. Get JL Skinner some playing time

So you're struggling with tackling, eh?

The Broncos had a whopping 24 missed tackles against the Miami Dolphins (seriously) which obviously played a major role in the team giving up a disgusting 70 points. The solution is not just to throw one additional guy out there and everything will be fixed, but perhaps that's a clear path for the Broncos to at least get JL Skinner a look defensively to see if he can be of help.

Skinner was drafted because of his head-hunting, hard-hitting mentality. That's obviously something the Broncos were missing against the Dolphins and, frankly, the first two weeks of the season as well.. I would love to see Skinner get a package of defensive plays to utilize his aggressive mentality.

5. Call some guys up from the practice squad

The Denver Broncos have some players on the practice squad that could end up being of help at some point, so let's start in the trenches. PJ Mustipher and Tyler Lancaster are both on the practice squad right now and although they're on the practice squad for a reason, it can't get much worse than giving up 70 points, right?

On the second level of defense, Ben Niemann is on the Broncos practice squad right now and could actually be an interesting fill-in this week for his old college teammate, Josey Jewell.


Devon Key is a tremendous athlete in the defensive backfield who showed some nice things throughout the preseason.

Obviously, the Broncos kept these guys in the first place because they like them for depth, development, or both. You get two free call-ups each year for practice squad guys. Why not try something? Maybe the Broncos will this week.

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