5 Denver Broncos who were embarrassing in loss to Jets

- Head coach with egg on his face

- Defensive line can't stop the run

- Who was embarrassing in the brutal loss to the Jets?

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4. Mike McGlinchey, OT

How is it even possible that Mike McGlinchey is as bad as he is at protecting the quarterback? His incompetence in the pass protection department is rather staggering, and it's unacceptable for a former top-10 pick and big-money free agent.

McGlinchey has struggled all season with flinching before the snap, to the point that fans are calling him McFlinchey. He's been atrocious in pass protection, and has Russell Wilson out there running for his life or having to avoid pressure on almost every dropback. We knew when he came in as a free agent that he was a better run blocker than pass protector, but you expect at least competence from him in the latter area.

We're not seeing that.

5. Fumbling/not recovering fumbles

One of the common themes in this game from both sides was sloppiness. Thankfully for the Denver Broncos, at least for a while, the Jets were matching their sloppiness a little bit. Unfortunately for the Broncos, bad fumbles and missed opportunities to recover fumbles by the Jets cost this team dearly.

The Jets fumbled the ball a whopping four times in the game. The Broncos only managed to recover one. They were able to strip-sack Zach Wilson twice in this game, and the Jets recovered both. On one of the strip-sacks, by defensive lineman Elijah Garcia, Garcia shot up to celebrate his sack instead of attempting to recover a live, loose ball.

Michael Burton forced a fumble on a Jets punt return and the ball bounced right at Alex Singleton, who couldn't pounce on it.


On top of missing three chances to recover fumbles they forced, the Broncos fumbled the ball three times and lost all three. The muffed punt by Marvin Mims led to the Jets' first three points of the game. The fumbled attempt at a reverse play ended with the Jets scoring three points. As the Broncos attempted to come back late in the 4th quarter, a fumble by quarterback Russell Wilson was picked up and returned for a game-sealing touchdown.

Three fumbles leading to 13 points for the Jets in a game decided by 10. And the Broncos could only recover one of their four forced fumbles on the game.

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