5 Denver Broncos who should remain untouchable if team enters rebuild mode

Which Broncos players should be completely off-limits if the team decides to enter a fire sale?

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5. WR Jerry Jeudy

This may come as a surprise to some, but I believe Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy should be a cornerstone of the franchise. Trading arguably the best route runner in the NFL simply does not sit right with me and quite frankly does not make any sense. Sure, Jeudy has not had much production in a Broncos uniform up to this point. But the scenarios and poor situations he has been forced into are unsettling.

Jeudy has had play-callers like Pat Shurmur, Nathaniel Hackett, and Klint Kubiak coordinating the offense while completely underutilizing his skillsets. You can truly make the argument that former offensive coordinator Justin Outten in 2022 is the only competent OC Jeudy has had since his college days at Alabama. Just ridiculous. Not to mention, the quarterback play Jeudy has had to experience is just shameful. And now in 2023, finally under a legitimate play-caller in Sean Payton, Jeudy is consistently creating separation and getting open while QB Russell Wilson has still seemed to struggle to involve the young receiver in his game plan early on.


While the draft capital in return seemed enticing during the previous offseason when teams were calling on Jeudy's availability, it is uncertain if teams are still willing to offer a second-round pick or more. Jeudy is just 24 years old and waiting to explode as a first-option receiver but has yet to be utilized properly over the course of a full season. Injuries may be a concern for the young receiver however, with the right pieces around him, Jeudy has serious potential in this league and Broncos fans would be sick to see him discover that ceiling on a different team.

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