5 Denver Broncos who only have a few weeks left with the team

Which Denver Broncos only have a few weeks left with the team?

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5. Adam Trautman, TE

Sometimes the best ability is availability, so you've got to hand it to Adam Trautman for being available to the Denver Broncos this season. The same cannot be said for Greg Dulcich, which I'm sure has been extremely frustrating for him.

The Broncos could be looking at an overhaul of the tight end position in the 2024 offseason and they brought Trautman into the fold because of his familiarity with Sean Payton and his offense. That move was totally fine, and I do think there's a chance we could see Trautman back in Denver in 2024.

But I also think the Broncos can upgrade here.

Greg Dulcich has two years left on his rookie deal after this season, and I do think the Broncos will try to maximize that investment, but as solid as a player like Trautman is, you can't help but wonder if the Broncos are going to try to find an upgrade in the "floor raiser" category. Meaning, a veteran player to keep the floor of the room relatively high, but not necessarily someone who is going to blow anyone away.


Someone like Dalton Schultz could be a great pickup for Denver in 2024 with that in mind.

I don't know that Adam Trautman moving on in free agency is a foregone conclusion, but the Broncos need someone who is a little bit more dynamic if they are going to play the amount of snaps we've seen Trautman play in 2023.

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