5 Denver Broncos who only have a few weeks left with the team

Which Denver Broncos only have a few weeks left with the team?

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4. Josey Jewell, LB

As a former fourth-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, I would say Josey Jewell has turned out to be a great investment for the Denver Broncos. Even with some struggles early on in his career, and even with a couple of injury issues, Jewell has been rather consistent and has flashes of brilliance as one of the two primary off-ball linebackers in Denver's defense.

As he was at Iowa, Jewell is a smart, instinctive player who is able to play faster than his pre-draft metrics would indicate. Josey will turn 29 on Christmas Day, and even as he approaches 30, you're seeing him almost get better year after year. He's got 63 total tackles through 11 games this season along with a pair of forced fumbles, so I don't think letting Jewell hit free agency is something the Broncos will do lightly.

What's going to be fascinating is to find out where this team is at with Drew Sanders and even someone like restricted free agent Jonas Griffith after the year. Griffith hasn't been able to stay healthy and Sanders is a young player, but you have to think that the Broncos re-signed Alex Singleton in 2023 and drafted Sanders with this scenario in mind.

Unless Jewell comes back at a discounted rate, I think the final month-plus of games in 2023-24 will potentially be his final games as a Bronco.