5 Denver Broncos who only have a few weeks left with the team

Which Denver Broncos only have a few weeks left with the team?

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3. Jonathan Harris, DL

One area of the roster where the Denver Broncos simply need to find some upgrades is on the defensive line. All throughout the season, we have seen this team struggle a bit when it comes to winning on the interior defensive line, and I think Jonathan Harris's spot is going to be the one that gets upgraded.

The Broncos do have Eyioma Uwazurike coming back from suspension, but he's a wild card option. Matt Henningsen has gotten playing time as well, but he definitely is more of a rotational player at this point as opposed to a full-time starter.

I think the Broncos will need to look to upgrade this starting spot in NFL free agency, and they might have to double up in the 2024 NFL Draft as well.

With Zach Allen and DJ Jones coming back at relatively high salary cap hits in 2024, we could see the Broncos really emphasize some bargains here. At any rate, I don't think we're going to see Jonathan Harris back with the team. He will be hitting free agency and the Broncos should look to make upgrades here.