5 Denver Broncos who only have a few weeks left with the team

Which Denver Broncos only have a few weeks left with the team?

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2. Kareem Jackson, safety

Kareem Jackson has a legitimate gripe with the NFL. The league has put him under such a microscope that he's getting penalized, fined, and suspended without pay for hits you see just about every week and in every single game. Plenty of people on Twitter have been up in arms watching even just the nationally televised games and seeing hits that don't get penalized, much less players losing weeks and weeks of game checks for them.

I don't know that Kareem Jackson is even going to want to come back to the NFL in 2024, and that will have nothing to do with the Denver Broncos.

At some point, the Broncos do have to make some longer-term decisions at the safety position, and while Kareem Jackson has played some solid football and hasn't lost a step, he's going to be 36 next season. I know K-Jack wanted to play 15 years in the NFL, so I think there's a chance you see him back in Denver, but with a better contingency plan or at least not as a full-time starter.

Again, I think Jackson has a legitimate gripe with the NFL. He's been made an example of and the decision to put him under a microscope has, at this point, cost him a lot of money.

I think in some capacity, Jackson will be welcomed back in Denver, but I wouldn't be surprised if the final three games of the season are his final games as a Bronco, either.