5 Denver Broncos who badly needed a good training camp

- Second-year pass rusher

- WR who ended 2022 in the doghouse

- Which players that needed to step up are stepping up at camp?

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5. Brandon Johnson, wide receiver

This post has gone extremely heavy on the wide receiver position, but quite frankly, that is very fitting given the topic at hand.

Here's the thing: The Broncos' wide receiver position has been extremely overrated by fans and even some analysts in recent years. That would include me at times. I bought into the hype that the quartet of Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick, and KJ Hamler could be the best the Broncos have had in my lifetime. Unfortunately, there was no Last Dance for that group. There was barely a first dance. Those guys may have played a couple of games together in total.

Instead of seeing that group, the Denver Broncos are going to have to regroup at receiver. Sutton and Jeudy are still around, obviously, but Patrick and Hamler are no longer in the picture, at least for this season. Although that's TBD with Hamler...

The point is, other guys are going to need to step up at the wide receiver position to be consistent options for the Broncos, and one of the guys that is doing exactly that is second-year player Brandon Johnson.

I'm not sure if you can put Johnson up there as WR3 definitively just yet, but he's undoubtedly getting a lot of reps with the top offense since Patrick went down with the Achilles injury. Even before Patrick's injury, Johnson was making waves at training camp. He did the exact same last year and carried that into the preseason.


If not for an ankle injury in the team's final preseason game last year, Johnson would have likely had a role all regular season for the Broncos. Unfortunately, the ankle injury limited him significantly. This is a guy who has been putting in tons of work building rapport with Russell Wilson since he was picked up as an undrafted player last year.

That has continued into year two. The growth from Johnson could end up being a game-changer for this position group overall.

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