5 Denver Broncos roster bubble players on offense before camp

- Wide receiver position battle heating up

- Tight end on the cusp?

- A sleeper on the offensive line

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5. Lil'Jordan Humphrey, wide receiver/tight end

I'm not quite sure what exactly to make of the Lil'Jordan Humphrey acquisition this past offseason. Of course, there's some intrigue here because Humphrey has a connection in the past to Sean Payton. But I think there's more to it than that.

Unlike his fellow former Saint Marquez Callaway, Humphrey did not receive any guaranteed money on his contract with the Denver Broncos. Ultimately, that may not matter, but it certainly puts Lil'Jordan Humphrey firmly on the roster bubble.

So what does he bring to the table that makes him really intriguing?

Well, remember in free agency, the Denver Broncos were trying hard to sign free agent Allen Lazard. That obviously didn't come to fruition as Lazard signed on with the New York Jets. Although the Broncos missed out on Lazard, they were able to bring in Humphrey who could play a similar role in the offense to what they had envisioned for Lazard.


Remember, every player has a "vision" from the coaching staff.

While he was with the Saints and Patriots, Humphrey showed he can play a bit of a hybrid WR/TE type of position and although his presence on the roster is nothing to overreact to, there's a chance he could have a better shot than people perceive heading into training camp.

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