5 Denver Broncos roster bubble players on offense before camp

- Wide receiver position battle heating up

- Tight end on the cusp?

- A sleeper on the offensive line

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3. Kendall Hinton, wide receiver

At this point, it feels like Kendall Hinton is being counted out of the equation yet again. Hinton has bounced up and down from the Denver Broncos' practice squad more than a handful of times over the last three years, but can he entrench himself on the 53-man roster in 2023?

Making this Denver Broncos roster at wide receiver is going to be very difficult. There are so many players at that position group and only so many spots. Right now, it looks like the Broncos could be solidified in their top four at the receiver position (Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick, Marvin Mims). Beyond that, where does Hinton fit in?

He played 460 snaps offensively last year, but didn't play a big role on special teams even though he has some value in the punt return department. Although Hinton doesn't have elite size or athletic traits, the guy simply makes plays. He averaged 13 yards per reception last year on his 24 catches and had 14 first downs. He also got a couple of chances out of the backfield as a runner and had a 13-yard gain on one of his tries.

Hinton is once again on the cusp of being a possible 53-man roster player and practice squad guy. He's still just 26 this season, but he's shown growth each year he's been in the NFL and Sean Payton's staff might see that development as worth investing in.