5 Denver Broncos players to keep an eye on in preseason Week 2

- Denver Broncos taking on the Arizona Cardinals on Friday night

- Which players have the most at stake?

- Huge opportunity for RBs, WRs, pass rushers

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3. Ja'Quan McMillian, cornerback (no. 35)

The Denver Broncos are going to need to have depth at the cornerback position. If recent history tells us anything, it's that the top four or five guys -- at least -- are going to see some action this season at the cornerback position. With three guys in the lineup the majority of the time (including the nickel spot), it's inevitable that your depth is going to be tested at some point.

Thankfully for the Denver Broncos, depth at the cornerback position doesn't appear to be an issue. Although rookie Riley Moss is out for another handful of weeks, Ja'Quan McMillian is a player you'll want to be keeping an eye on not only in this first preseason game but all the way throughout preseason action.

McMillian was an All-American during his time at East Carolina. He's a ball-hawk who has tremendous instincts and reactive quickness, but part of the reason he went undrafted last year is a lack of ideal measurables. He's 5-foot-9, but can play outside corner or inside the nickel.

McMillian got a great test late last season when he was tasked with covering Mike Williams and other Chargers receivers in the Broncos' final regular season game. Aside from the fact that he got robbed of a pick-six in that game, McMillian's debut was outstanding.

That momentum seems to have carried into training camp this offseason as he's taken a huge jump from developmental prospect to potentially the CB4 of this team with future starter upside.