5 Denver Broncos on the hot seat entering Week 18

Which Denver Broncos are on the hot seat heading into Week 18?

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4. Baron Browning, EDGE

Assuming he plays on Sunday, Baron Browning is going to be playing in just his 10th game this season. Browning's struggle to stay on the field has been frustrating because he's such an impactful player when he's healthy and at his best.

I think the Broncos would love to be able to rely on Browning a bit more, but can they? Just like some of the other players on this list, I think the Week 18 matchup against the Raiders will be a great way for Browning to show exactly how impactful he's capable of being, and he obviously will want to leave the Broncos' front office feeling good about his progression off the edge.

5. DJ Jones, DL

The guaranteed money on DJ Jones's contract runs out after this season. The Broncos can save $10 million by cutting him in 2024, and with a cap hit over $12 million, Jones has to justify the cost to keep him around.


I think a big game against the Raiders and a rushing attack that has haunted the Broncos in recent years could go a long way towards doing that, especially because the Broncos are already thin at this position group moving forward.

This is a big week for Jones and his future.

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