5 Denver Broncos on the hot seat for the 2023 season

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5 Denver Broncos on the hot seat entering 2023
2. Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver

Jerry Jeudy is on the hot seat entering the 2023 season. Right now, his fifth-year option decision has not been made yet, and either way, I think Jeudy needs to break out even more than he did in 2022. The backend of his 2022 season was special.

He finished as the top receiving threat on the team with just under 1,000 yards and was remarkably consistent with his yardage totals in 2022. However, it's become clear that after three seasons, Jeudy has not reached his true potential.

His name was also wrapped up in trade rumors this offseason, so for the right price, Denver seemed to be willing to move him. Now that he's playing with a competent offensive coach, Jeudy needs to put solid production on the board in 2023 if he wants to get paid by and remain with the Denver Broncos.

He has WR1 potential and needs to show it in his age-24 season.