5 Denver Broncos on the hot seat for the 2023 season

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The Denver Broncos are entering a very crucial 2023 season. Are there any players entering the season on the hot seat? The short answer is yes, there are quite a few players who should feel a little bit of warmth on their seat.

To be fair to literally every other team in the NFL, that's the case for them, too. However, after what seems like a decade of producing bad football, the Denver Broncos feel more equipped in 2023 to be competitive than they have been since 2015.

The roster is solid from top to bottom. I don't think it's great, but it's certainly a playoff-caliber roster. With that said, there still are some players that could enter the 2023 season on the hot seat. Heck, maybe even entering the 2023 NFL Draft, as Denver could replace some projected starters during the draft.

Which five players are on the hot seat?

5 Denver Broncos on the hot seat entering 2023
1. Lloyd Cushenberry, Center

The first one is an obvious one. Lloyd Cushenberry was a third round pick back in the 2020 NFL Draft and was supposed to be the replacement for Connor McGovern, who had departed for the Jets and recently re-signed with them.

Cush missed a good bit of the 2022 season with a hamstring injury and played in just 8 games for the team. Graham Glasgow got the work at center in his absence, but the Broncos cut him. The team could nab a center in the 2023 NFL Draft which could open up a bit of a starting battle between Cushenberry, that draft pick, and perhaps even Kyle Fuller/Luke Wattenberg.