5 Broncos whose stock is soaring amidst stunning playoff run

Which Denver Broncos are seeing their stock soar as the team makes a playoff run?

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3. Courtland Sutton, WR

It hasn't been a perfect stretch for the Denver Broncos offense, by any means, but wide receiver Courtland Sutton has been the best we've ever seen him as an NFL receiver.

Sutton had a great season back in 2019 when he was the true WR1 on the Broncos' roster, and when people started labeling him "QB-proof" for the way he was going up after the ball no matter who was throwing it. He caught passes that year from Joe Flacco, Brandon Allen, and Drew Lock. Heck, he even caught a pass from Tim Patrick that season.

As good as Sutton was in 2019, his QB rating when targeted was 97.2. This season, the QB rating when targeting Sutton is up to a whopping 121.9.

The Broncos have obviously benefitted greatly throughout this winning streak from Sutton's dominance, especially in the red zone. When they have needed clutch plays, it's been Sutton who delivers the majority of the time. He's making catches with an extremely high degree of difficulty and looks like the WR1 so many in Broncos Country have been waiting for over the last handful of years.