5 Broncos who may not finish out their current deals with the team

The Denver Broncos salary cap crunch might force them to part with players who still have contract years left on their deal with the team.

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5. Mike McGlinchey, RT

Oh boy, this signing has not worked out for the Denver Broncos thus far. Mike McGlinchey signed a five-year deal with the Denver Broncos last offseason and was quickly turning into a dud of a signing. I think McGlinchey finished the season pretty well, but his contract is nowhere near matching the level of production.

The five-year deal is a three-year deal, practically, so the Broncos could move on after the 2025 NFL Season. Doing so with the contract in its current state would save the team $17.5 million while forcing them to eat $3.5 million in dead money. Unless there is some sort of miraculous turnaround from McGlinchey in 2024, I think the Broncos are already preparing to replace him with a younger and cheaper option.

As a whole, though, the Denver Broncos offensive line was actually pretty good this past season. The OL had to deal with Russell Wilson taking a ton of sacks, something the QB has done his entire career. Many of the sacks that Wilson took were solely on him and not the OL. This unit is largely one of the best in the NFL and might take a step forward in 2024.

We'll see if the team is able to re-sign Lloyd Cushenberry. If not, the team might turn to 2023 NFL Draftee Alex Forsyth, the seventh-round pick from Oregon.